Important note: we will be closed for the holidays from July 27 through August 19, inclusive.

A contemporary restaurant where eating well means doing good

Refettorio Geneva is an open-kitchen restaurant, blending world-class cuisine with kindness. Your presence at our table does more than you think — it supports our mission to nurture the vulnerable people in your local community. It’s a simple yet profound exchange, where your lunch buys a dinner for someone in need.


Meals served to our community


Amount of food recovered


Chefs and volunteers involved

Fine-dining with a (green) conscience

Our plates are piled with purpose, not waste. We use only-local ingredients and champion sustainability through a zero-waste philosophy, ensuring that our legacy is as clean as our conscience.

Non-profit dining

Run by a local community organisation, Mater Fondazione in partnership with Food for Soul, Refettorio is committed to fostering social inclusion through the transformative power of nutrition and food rescue – with an immediate and palpable impact.

Building culture, everyday

We adore creativity and believe that art, in all its forms, can heal and bring people together in our lonely world. We bring world-class artists, musicians, architects and designers under one roof so that everyone in the community can enjoy the art and feel valued and welcomed.

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